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Celebrating Our Values

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on what matters most. For WOC, something that matters deeply to our leaders and volunteers is that we practice our values in all that we do and offer within the community.

Diversity – Women of Colors has an “s” on the end because we welcome people of all colors. We celebrate diversity as a strength and enjoy working together to achieve a common goal. Being inclusive and welcoming to all people is important to us and reflective in the programs we offer and the messaging we hope to share within and beyond our community.

Service – Service is central to the reason that WOC was founded, and to this day, our values have centered around helping others. From putting together after-school programs to engage youth in positive and productive learning experiences, to administering substance abuse prevention programs, to holding listening sessions to receive input from people who are impacted by disparities, over the years we have served many sectors of our community and are always looking for opportunities to serve more people, more effectively.

Community – We take a great deal of satisfaction in bringing our community together through events, forums, and initiatives. Reaching out through both in-person and virtual events has enabled us to expand our reach and grow our impact in the region. We understand that our organization is able to thrive only because of the incredible level of community support we receive, and we are also humbled to know that many of our initiatives support a thriving community. We bring people from various backgrounds and with various life experiences together to accomplish more as a group than any one of us could do alone.

Curiosity – Curiosity and problem solving go hand in hand. At WOC, we are solution-driven and motivated by the difference between what our community is and what it could be. We are constantly seeking deeper awareness and understanding of the needs in our community and service region, as well as potential strategies for addressing those needs. We educate ourselves on barriers that people in our community may be facing, especially at the systemic level, and look for ways that we can eliminate them, either as an organization or in collaboration with other organizations.

Collaboration – There are many agencies in the Great Lakes Bay Region that are doing great things for the community, and by working with them, we can impact more people. We focus on extending the message of other organizations and are interested in complementing rather than duplicating their services. In many instances, WOC’s role in collaborations has been connecting the dots and helping consumers and community members find out where and how to access services that other agencies provide or promote.

WOC invites you to take this opportunity to reflect on what values matter most to you, and to consider joining some of our efforts and initiatives in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Happy holidays!