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Our Community Impact

Women of Colors is proud to serve the Saginaw community. Our leaders and volunteers always feel humbled when we measure the impact of our work. Join us in celebrating the impact our programs and initiatives have on individuals and families who live, work, or play in the Great Lakes Bay Region!

Seven out of eight participants surveyed indicated that they enjoyed the topics discussed in WOC Prevention sessions. Eight of eight found their mentor knowledgeable. (February 2020)

20 of 20 people who returned surveys about our forum How I Overcame noted that they would attend similar events in the future. (July 2020)

Nearly 100 students participated in our annual Students and Future Technology program.  (2019)

Over 40 kids and teens in the Saginaw Bay Area attended WOC’s forum Your Voice Your Choice. (January 2020)

Women of Colors hosted five forums in a year attended by a total of 300 people. (2019)

Of the 33 people who returned surveys about the forums Time to Have a Conversation and How I Overcame, 27 noted that they were left feeling “hopeful” and 31 noted that they were left feeling “inspired.” (2020)

In the annual Warm a Child for Winter event, Women of Colors distributed more than 400 coats and winter accessories to children up to 16 years old. (2019)

In a six-month period, Women of Colors reached more than 1,000 community members, including 700 youth. (November 2019–April 2020)