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Our Programs and Mission

At Women of Colors, we promote multi-cultural diversity and enhance community relations in Saginaw County by performing community service, mentoring youth, and collaborating with other organizations. Have you ever thought about your personal mission as a member of the Saginaw community? Read on for more information about our programs, plus some fun prompts designed to inspire thought and action around our mission statement—and yours!

1) In the Time to Have a Conversation forum, we hear new perspectives on systemic racism from a variety of panelists who are active community leaders. What conversations have you started or joined?

2) At Women of Colors: Prevention, we give students tips and training on how to cope with anxiety, manage anger, evaluate risk, build self-esteem, and develop social and life skills. What else would be valuable to include in a youth curriculum?

3) In the forum How I Overcame, we hear transparent stories from female panelists who want to inspire listeners to sit more comfortably with or even give voice to their own stories. What have you overcome?

4) We provide STEM training and empower students to take charge of their lifelong learning process through Students and Future Technology, a program for elementary, middle, and high school students. What does “lifelong learning” mean to you?

5) In the event Your Voice Your Choice, we collaborate with Saginaw youth to plan workshops and a talent presentation. Why is it important for young people to have a voice in their community?

6) In the forum I’m Still a Man, we hear from a variety of panelists about their experiences with manhood and what it means to navigate and negotiate that role in today’s society. Why is it important for men to tell their stories?

7) At Warm a Child for Winter, we provide children with warm winter clothing and an event to warm their hearts. How will you spread kindness to others?