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Coming Soon … Women of Colors Network on TV!

WOC has exciting news! As you may have noticed, this past summer, Women of Colors started streaming community forums on five radio stations as well as our Facebook page. A television syndication company recently contacted us because they saw the content that we were presenting. They believed the stories we shared were very educational and intriguing to where they thought that this would be a great fit for television.

“And so, here we are!” says Evelyn McGovern, WOC’s president and cofounder. “We never imagined that we would have our own network, but why not? Why can’t it be us? We’re providing a great platform for individuals to share, educate, inspire, and empower.”

WOC plans to highlight a variety of content on the TV network, from movies and entertainment to religious content, sports content, and entrepreneurial content. We also hope to feature community spotlights, which might showcase a new business or program in the community or educate viewers about a pressing issue our community is facing.

The Women of Colors Network will launch in phases; our channel is already up and running on Roku and Apple, and staff are in the process of getting Amazon set up. We will tentatively celebrate this milestone with a launch party in February 2022, our anniversary month marking 29 years of WOC’s service in the community.

WOC is excited to explore a new video-based platform based in part on the success of our forums, which promote asset development in the community by empowering both listeners and participants. “The forums empower not only our audience but the storytellers,” says Evelyn. “Many people have never told a story about themselves, especially publicly.” The goal for this initiative is to accelerate the community-building values of transparency, collaboration, and personal development captured in WOC’s forums.

Evelyn expects that viewers will learn a great deal from the videos, which will tackle challenging topics—for example, criminal justice, sexual abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, racial disparities, and substance abuse—from a place of hope and advocacy.

To find WOC’s channel, which is available on Roku, Apple TV, and (soon to come) Amazon, search “Women of Colors Network” on your favorite television platform. To get in touch with WOC about a potential advertising relationship, please contact Vicki ([email protected]) at 989-737-8179 or Evelyn ([email protected]) at 989-737-9286.