A Message to Moms on Mother’s Day

Thank you for loving your sons and daughters unconditionally, teaching them about their place and purpose in the world, and modeling the values of faith and forgiveness.

Thank you for instilling joy and gratitude for life in your children.

Thank you for serving as an example of service by practicing volunteerism in and beyond your community.

Thank you for inspiring your children to use their gifts and talents to build a better world.

Thank you for pushing your sons and daughters outside their comfort zones to help them grow into the best versions of themselves.

Thank you for treating the people you encounter with respect, dignity, and love so that your sons and daughters may be moved to touch lives in the same way.

Thank you for teaching your children—directly or indirectly—about selflessness and sacrifice.

Thank you for lending a helping hand, a listening ear, or a compassionate heart when you meet someone who needs your gifts.

Thank you for changing the world in loud and quiet ways.

Thank you for armoring your children in courage, compassion, and conviction.

Thank you for strengthening your children with love.

Thank you for helping others without agenda or judgment.

Thank you for being your kids’ lifelong cheerleader, for believing in them, and most importantly, for teaching them to believe in themselves.

Thank you for blessing your children with the world and for blessing the world with your children.


Written by Allison Stein Consulting, LLC